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Mercedes Vito 120 CDI V6 from 2006
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Hello guys!

I have a Mercedes Vito 120 CDI V6 from 2006. Bought the car back in 2018 September.
Did the casual maintenance after buying the van: filters etc.. except the MAF that was fine and clean.
In 2019 April the car struggled in accelerating we were sure that the MAF failed, turned out it died. Replaced it with a new BOSCH one and everything was fine untill almost 2 weeks ago when it failed again. P0101 code which is the MAF failure (Didnt cleaned it i explain it below why). Bought another BOSCH sensor which failed again 2 days ago.
Not too sure what to do now. The new sensor was good for almost 1,5 week. Also bought a MAF cleaner which was from CRC, the guy said that if i clean the sensor it might reduce the sensors's lifetime.. The ECU doesent let the Turbo run, and the car runs like crap as a car would run with a bad MAF.
Tomorrow going to check the whole vaccum lines if it has a crack, or it pooped off, after that i will change the whole air filter.
What diagnose tool, program should i use? Cause i leaning to buy one to read the problems myself.

What you guys think about Cleaning the MAF? Will it really reduce the MAF's lifetime?
Any other suggestion what could went wrong? :unsure:
Appreciate any comment, have a nice day!
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