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Mercedes Unimog is Specialist 4x4 Of The Year

Link: Mercedes Unimog is Specialist 4x4 Of The Year - Transport News Network

New reaches Biglorryblog that, for the third time, readers of "Off Road" magazine have voted the Mercedes-Benz Unimog cross-country vehicle of the year in the "Special vehicles" category. To which I reply: 'Hurrah!' But why am I not surprised by this? After all, apart from the rather groovy 'Batmobile' featured in the latest 'Batman begins' is really the ultimate go-anywhere machine. The Unimog picked up the title of "2007 cross-country vehicle of the year - Special vehicles category" after the German all-wheel-drive magazine invited readers to vote for a selection of cross-country vehicles in a total of eight categories.
Over 56,000 readers selected the winners from the 80 vehicles nominated by the organisers and Mercedes-Benz ended up winners in two categories. The Unimog was the top-scoring model among the "Special vehicles" with an outstanding 59% of the readers' votes, while the Mercedes G-Class won the "Classics" category. Incidentally I once killed a G-Wagen at the Bagshot Heath Army Test Track...but I digress. Apparently the Unimog was also voted cross-country vehicle of the year in 1994---in the form of the U 90 "Funmog". Meanwhile, Biglorryblog welcomes the opportunity to have a go in the latest addition to the Unimog family, the compact U 20, (pictured below) which made its first public appearance at the 2006 IAA commercial vehicle show.
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