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Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor 2001 Electrical

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Hi everyone!

So I'm having a bit of an issue with what appears to be the electrical (possibly SAM box) in my car. I recently went on a trip to Germany and left my car behind for 3 weeks. My car sat in the grass my parents claim the entire time with minimal movement and minimal rain (they claim no standing water).

After maybe the second time I drove my car I noticed although I had not turned on my lights, that my fog and running lights were simply staying on. Some friends of mine thought it was a good idea to take the fuses out of the panel that sits right below my steering wheel. We took the fuses out and the lights turned off but when I woke up the next morning my battery had died.

Ever since then I have been detaching my battery every time I turn off the car, only to prevent the battery from dying. I know this is not a permanent fix but I'm hoping someone on here has encountered this problem and can help me out with what is wrong and how to fix it myself.

Any input is appreciated!

Thank you,
Emily :smile
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