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Hi all--

Some may recall a recent thread with a skid plate for sale out in Malibu;

Anyway, for reasons I describe below, I went out and got it (any excuse for a drive, you know), and sanded it down and painted it with Rustoleum undercoating. There was a bit of controversy about the "modification" to it, but the modification is very minor, and did not change the effectiveness of the plate.

On to the reason for getting it; I had a mishap with a dip in the road about a month or so ago, with the result being a hole in my oil pan, and a semi-permanent "trail of shame" all the way down the last two blocks, across the street and into the underground garage at my school. The first set of pics shows the oil pan and the neat little hole. Notice that the dent isn't all that spectacular-- what surprised me was that the hole was "punched out" by the bottom of the dipstick tube-- a nice, clean punch, too! A new oil pan and gasket was about $60 and an hour or so of repair work.

The last two pics are the original pic from the ad, and how it looks now.


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