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Mercedes Safety on YouTube

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A German commercial:

The two angels are talking to each other. The right one asks the left one what she is, she is telling she is a guardian angel for a Mercedes driver.
The right one is answering: "You are a lazybone!"

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This is classic coming from the only company in the world that utilizes integrated seatbelts in vehicles with >600hp and >700ftlbs of torque, then eliminates those integrated seatbelts in their "Black Series" model (SL65).

I'd say there are some clear communication and control issues between Mercedes-Benz and AMG that are compromising their safety.


There's a reason there is absolutely no crash test data available on the SL & CL models, and they happen to be the only two equipped with the same integrated seatbelt/seat assembly since 1999 to present time.

I'd say that angel needs some reinforcements and this is a classic example of false advertising.
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