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Mercedes Mechanics - Is there a GOOD ONE out there ?

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I have owned my CLK320 Elegance cabriolet from new for a year and a half now and what a beautiful car. The ride and standard/quality of equipment/leather etc is second to none.
BUT I have had 3 electrical faults and now an oil leak has developed, but that is not where the problem is. Every time it has gone in for some work, the mechanics have damaged the vehicle in some way and it is not just me being unlucky. My brother is on his second new E class and he has more problems with the mechanics/quality of work than I have and its not just one dealer - between us we have used 4 different dealers.
Plus every one of my friends who own Mercedes have had similar issues.

List of issues(me):

Crushed key
Cut the workings of the soft top(no convertible for 3 weeks)
Covered the whole of the interior in oil and grease(had to replace 2 of the seats)
Damaged the paintwork - twice

My brothers car:

They actually dropped an engine/pallet on the front of his car and had to rebuild the front of the car.
During a service they forgot to replace the seals causing oil to spray and cover the engine bay.
He has had to have both cars interiors replaced due to them covering them in oil/grease etc and when he put the second car in for interior they had ordered the wrong door panels so he had to wait another couple of weeks.
They have also damaged the paintwork on his second car.
They failed to carry out the routine services correctly - only changing one of the four glow plugs etc etc etc

But they are nice cars!
Can anyone recommend a dealer where the work is done correctly first time without damage being caused ???
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Sadly, your tales are not without peer, and are somewhat symptomatic of the Mercedes malaise. Maybe you need to locate an independant mechanic who knows what he is doing - rather than a Dealer. Good luck.
wow. just unbelievable. you'd think with the advanced training the mechanics have to go through, they'd learn to have a bit more finese. i only use private guys who've worked on benz's for 3 to 4 decades and they always handle Sebastian with great care. hope you find a good one soon. [8D]
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