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Mercedes instrument cluster issue W140/R129

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Hello Folks...I was wondering if anyone that currently or ever did own any mercedes w140 body or R129 series experienced the dreaded flashing instrument cluster lights or dead cluster issue.I know there has been numerous post on fixing the cluster by changing the 3 capacitors on the circuit board.I am aware of that and I did mine years ago, that fixed my temporary blackout/malfunction issue whenever I used my turn signal.My question is that recently I had an issue with my battery and alternator upon which I changed both.Just before changing them I started experiencing the flashing lights/dead cluster issue again.Only temperature gauge works.Does any one know what else was changed their cluster beside the capacitors? Something else such as a power regulator must need changing but which one?Any ideas?..Yes, I did try to change the capacitors again.But this time no luck? Secondly does anyone know or have the wiring diagram for the cluster.Mine is a 91'500sl but I think it will share certain common traits with it's siblings.Any help will be appreciated.Thx.
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Just posted close to the same issue 3 minutes before yours. Hopefully someone has a response. I have replaced fuses as suggested and even replaced the cluster with no fix, so it would appear there is something more that could cause this issue.... as I stated in my question to the forums it occurred after the battery was dead and had to be charged... your failing alternator and battery make me wonder if there is a connection between our rather identical problems... Hope someone comes up with a fix.
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