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Mercedes e270 w211 2002 antennas problems

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I just got a 2002 w211 e270 as a part of some debts owed to me. One thing that is strange is it has two antennas, one on the roof, and one on the rear window. One on the roof does not have any plastic around it and seems to be cut off. A couple of problems with these antennas:

- FM Radio is not working most of the time, only time when it catches a couple of stations is when I am in the city center
- I can't unlock/lock/open trunk from any distance, instead I have to put my key directly on to the lock, and then press unlock/lock button, and then somehow it works
- The GPS is not working (it came with GPS cd inside the car)

So, if anyone can explain to me what these 2 antennas are for, do I need both of them, and how to fix these issues, I would be more than grateful.

Thank you. (Images attached)


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Thanks for a quick and resourceful response. I will be sure to check the links out. I really want to take this thing to a certified electrician, and see what he has to say about.
Most logical thing I concluded is that this particular mercedes was a taxi car for some time. That would explain the added antenna that goes through the roof, obviously added as an aftermarket part, if no vehicles were produced like this. I also saw a couple of W211's in the city that had their antenna on the roof, instead of rear window, so that left me guessing.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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