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2004 SL500AMG, 2003 SL500 USA model, Auto Transmission, Stock, Aegean Blue Metallic
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Meguiar’s makes excellent products. I have used One Step Leather Care on interior vinyl and leather. I like the medium sheen. It seems consistent with original sheen. However, it clogged some pores in the leather seats with white dots. So, I use Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner Conditioner liquid spray on the seats now.

I recently discovered Ultimate Compound. It even works out some of the whitish clear coat spots. I use a Porter Cable random orbit polisher to buff the clearcoat paint to a wet look. Even though it does not really need it to look great at this point, I buff in some Gold Class Clear Coat Liquid Car Wax. For spots with seams like the front bumper, I sometimes hand rub in some Ultimate Quik Wax liquid spray. The Quik Detailer is good for touchup of fingerprints and stuff.

The Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer is the best I have found for all external black trim. I even use it on black interior plastic.

Of course I use non-Meguiar’s products on engine-CD-2 Engine Detailer, glass-glass cleaner, Duragloss NU-Glass, Rainx; rims; tires-Black Magic Tire Wet Gel; plastic lights such as headlights, taillights, and side markers-Novus. On stone chips-Mercedes touchup paint. On interior-Valspar Satin. Paint prep cleaner solvent. Mineral spirits. Lacquer thinner. Lamb’s wool wash mitts. Brushes. Microfiber cloths. Terrycloths. Paper towels. Hand tools. Clear touch-up paint. Hand spray car wash. Detergent. Duster. Welder’ chalk stick. Wax application sponge pad. Shop vac, bucket.
That names most of my detailing stuff.

After my last total makeover, or should I say detailing job, in parking lots and even at stop lights, people started spontaneously saying how beautiful my car is.
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