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Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz could very likely team up on a future project admits the German luxury automaker's CEO. In a recent interview with AutoCar, Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche commented that, "Smaller brands need help with new technology and it's possible we could do things in the future."

Mercedes already has an agreement with Nissan/Renault that will see the two automakers share technology, platforms and engines. Likewise, Aston Martin has partnered with Toyota in order to build the Cygnet off the Japanese' automakers iQ platform. Other automakers have also signed similar agreements in the post recession auto industry, including a collaboration between BWM and Saab.

Recently Aston Martin and Mercedes did work together on the failed Lagonda concept, which used the Mercedes GL platform. Aston has since admitted to scrapping the project, but it will push ahead with plans to bring back the Lagonda brand – possibly using a stretched version of the Rapide platform. If Aston Martin looks to expand the Lagonda range further, it could rely on Mercedes for anything from engines to platforms.

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