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See eBay item 4547560693

Up for bid is a complete integrated cell phone system from a 1999 Mercedes C-280. It was the factory installed option. This package will install in 1999 and 2000 C class Mercedes. This is a state of the art system, other than the phone being analog. It will still function throughout the country. Originally activated by Alltel, when the car was delivered to me in 1999 as a companion phone. The ESN # ESN# D5EF8CB8 check with your service provider before bidding. For installation information of this package go to 1999 Model 202
The only item missing from this package is the mounting plate, Q682-0330

To install in any other Mercedes which has the fiber optic system installed you will have to use the above link and improvise the component mounting.

As with all electronic equipment, returns are not offered. This system is from my personal car and was removed in April 2005 It has been functional from May 1999 to April 2005. I have installed a newer system, which is compatible with the Motorola V-60x. Call me anal-retentive.
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