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Mercedes C63 AMG P30 performance pack Review & Test JMSpeedshop !

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hello everybody

a few weeks ago I got the to drive a C63 AMG P30 for my youtube page
this car is a 2009 car but with the 722.9 automatic still with the torque converter
so not yet with MCT setup
but still a very nice car to drive and I think the transmission is very nice.
it shifts nice a also the different driving modes are good to use and there is a noticeable difference
in between then.
this P30 pack gives the car a LSD in the rear a stiffer performance suspension bigger brakes in the front
speed limit is going upt to 174MPH and there is a more sporty steering wheel with alcantara and leder combo.
so without a power upgrade that came later with the P31 package .
the performance suspension is really great I think. for me it was not to hard a very good in the corners I think
it is a really good handling car also in the corners with 457HP and 600nm it can keep still that power on the road in
fast corners under 60MPH.
the only thing i thought a MCT gearbox would be much better is a full throttle acceleration from still stand
the car has really problems getting grip up to about 30 to 40MPH
but that is just a small thing to get use to it is just a awesome car .
for the full review watch the video
i got also a lot of other Mercedes in the playlist a more AMG's

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