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Mercedes c class cabriolet

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I am interested in getting feedback on experiences from owners of the C class cabriolet. I have read a lot of reviews but I would like to know what forum members think. I am comparing it to Audi A4. Thoughts?
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We will be picking up our 2018 C-300 Cabriolet this afternoon. The test drive was awesome and we fell in love with it. Two days from now we'll be driving it home from Myrtle Beach, SC and we'll report back what we think. This is a step up from our 2009 CLK-350 which we loved.
Drove the car for 11 hours traveling back from Myrtle Beach, SC. What a dream to drive compared to the 2009 CLK that I traded in. 80+ mph and 32+ mpg. Love the get up and go this car has.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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