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1988 300 TE. 2001 ML 55AMG The Shop is Open!!!
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Hello out there MB World!! I am new to this site, however my website is not. You may all have visited one time or another for free owners manual downloads. Well, I am here to get feed back on the type of company that I run.

Did you know that The Workshop MB technicians were trained by Mercedes-Benz? Did you know that The Workshop MB has the same information and equipment available to us (just as the dealers) which aids in accurate diagnosis and repair of your concerns? We specialize in Mercedes-Benz ONLY! Not only for maintenance services, but other problems as well such as: Sun visor concerns, center console problems, lighting issues, SRS complaints, seat trim repairs/concerns, CD/DVD/Command issues, Tele-Aid concerns, heating and air conditioning issues, iPod retrofits, lighted running boards and much, much, more!

We provide Mercedes-Benz service the way it was meant to be, correct and convenient. We look forward to providing you with service standards not like any other. Just tell us your concerns, we’ll listen.
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