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2020 EQC availability kicked off in the UK as of August 2019 with release dates for the US, Europe, Australia and Canada lagging behind a lot.
We're approaching almost 8 months after production spec EQC's left the production facility with press fleets given out shortly after. Once they actually hit the markets I mentioned above, it will be nearly 1 year! Even information on production-spec EQC's are very limited unless you live in the UK.

So far I know Mercedes is aiming to have EQC's available globally by the end of Q1 2019 (March) with no precise dates given. With that said, has anyone based in a market set to get the EQC started inquiring about it as yet? I am curious to know what's being told at a dealer level.

Mercedes claims EQC's are sold out till 2021 so someone here has to know...
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