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Mercedes Benz CLK 230 Kompressor Cabrio [208] 1999
Engine code M111 975 MB number MB2993
KTS Fault code 043
New throttle pedal position sensor fitted and loaded continuity test on throttle position sensor wiring but same fault code repeated.

Once fault code is deleted and the engine started whilst the throttle pedal is depressed the fault code will not reappear (KTS shows the throttle valve stop adaptation has not been set). The vehicle drives normally other than the idle speed is a little low.

The fault code will only reappear when the engine is started without the throttle being depressed or the ignition switched on without starting the engine (KTS shows the throttle valve stop adaptation has been set). The engine runs erratically and hunts at idle at approximately 1150rpm with very little throttle response with a maximum engine speed of 1800rpm

Fault code 043 reappears at the same time as the throttle valve actuator stop adaptation takes place.

The test info on ESI is incorrect and can not be followed as the data shows the incorrect throttle position sensor and an incorrect throttle valve, the wiring diagram is correct but test valves are not. After spending almost an hour on the phone with Bosch technical they seem to think the ECU is faulty but I must admit I’m leaning towards the throttle body.
ECU was sent away but returned untested as they say it’s one of the very few they can not test.
Just wondered if anyone has come across this as the throttle body’s are almost £500 +
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