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Pino Intelligent Mercedes Benz C Class W203 Navigation System & DVD Player

Pino Car GPS & Navigation,Car DVD,Car Video.
If you're looking for the ultimate upgrade to your car's entertainment
system and needs,then look no further than this Edition Car DVD
Player that comes with EVERYTHING!
Four major smart systems integration,Four pleasant driving experience!
<1>3D Navigation: not afraid of getting lost,easy drive music journey!
<2>Safe driving: car more intelligent, safe andsecure!
<3>Entertainment journey: music Wang navigation,travel on the road more enjoyable!
<4>To facilitate the manipulation: the road not panic, driving more calmly.
(1) 6-8" LCD high resolution touch screen
(2) iPod and MP3 compatibility
(3) Bluetooth hands-free with A2DP
(4) Support steering wheel control
(5) Integrated navigation system
(6) Built-in radio function
(7) European special interface (EU-GUI)
(8) Dual Zone function
(9) DVB-T Digital TV with MPEG2 & MPEG4(OPT.)
(10) USB and SD card port
(11) Support rear camera, parking sensor

Hi-Res Touch Screen

Touch your Pino intelligent navigation system: take control of its featuresvia high quality full touch
screen. You can easily access all of the functions without pushing buttons or adjusting knobs.
The display itself is a masterpiece providing You with outstanding quality in a resolution nearly
two times as high as any previous multimedia devices. If you want hard data here they are:
800x480 native resolution, 16 million colors, diagonal up to 8 inches.One click brightness control
ensures that youare always comfortable and safe in your car. The maximum brightness.setting
defeatseven the direct sunlight, the dimmed brightness setting makes sure you can maintain your
night vision during use, and the screen can be switched off altogether if desired.

Original Fit

The Pino intelligent navigation system unit smoothly, unobtrusively fits into your car's original
dashboard design.There is no cutting,no splicing, absolutely no modification just a true Plug & Play
experience! Our Pino intelligent navigation system units match the original equipment manufacturer's
(OEM) dashboard size,curvature, colour, design and even the colourof backlighting perfectly.The
OEM look is also not compromised at all.Let's see the things you do NOT need for the installation
process: adapter cables,additional frame for integratin, special tools.The Pino intelligent navigation
system unit retains all the factory functions of your car's onboard computer, and allows you to
control its features and view its messages via the unit's own interface.

Powerful processor
The main chip with the world's top dedicated on board processor, embodies the perfectspeed;
dedicated DVD servo decoder,super error correction for the whole audio / video decoding capabilities;
navigation module GPS navigation processor currently on the market's most popular, you can quickly
retrieve the owners want.

Radio with RDS

The built in radio unit provides 24 FM/AM station presets, equalizer display, and RDS.Where
available it can show you station's ID or name, the traffic information broadastvia RDS, and
various other functions such as PS, PTY, TA, TP and AF.
iPod Support

Do you like your iPod? Now you are to like your Pino intelligent navigation system as well because of
the full iPod Supporteature,which literally means: what your iPod knows - your Pino intelligent
navigation system knows too. Just connect your iPod to your Pino intelligent navigation system and
feel special.Wait!You have an iPhone? It works all the same: connect your iPhone to your Pino inte-
lligent navigation system and feel truly special!


Pino intelligent navigation system brings the latest navigation technology into your multimedia unit.
The high quality electronic components and parts ensure the experience of First Class navigation.
Your Pino intelligent navigation system comes with an awardwinning highly acclaimed navigational
software solution Full European map pack plus updates, superfast 3D representation,extremely
straight forward multilingual interface, highly detailed building and POI database makes it easy to
find your way in the world.The unit is capable of dual mode operation, which means that you can
listen to the radio, or your iPod while the navigation software runs on the display - simultaneously.
Or your passengers can view a digital TV channel while you are listening to the navigation software's
navigational instructions.

Hands-Free Car Kit

Pino intelligent navigation system provides safe and legal use of your mobile phone via Bluetooth
technology.Play music or answer calls with ease - the wireless experience was never as convenient
as with your Pino intelligent navigation system's user friendly interface.Pino intelligent navigation
system comes with an external microphone with automatic noise reduction and uses the car's audio s-
ystem thus providing perfect audio quality.When you first pair your mobile phone to your Pino intel-
ligent navigation system unit it becomes stored.From that time you just sit in yourcar and the conne-
ction builds up automatically without prompting you to take any action.Pair - then forget about it...
You can use your connected mobile device as a multimedia center via the Bluetooth connection you
can easily listen to your phone's music collection.

Multimedia Playback

Our Pino intelligent navigation system Multimedia unit is truly multimedia - it handles the main media
formats perfectly such as mpeg, mpeg2, mpeg4, both DivX and Xvid avi (all of them with subtitles),
Video DVD,Audio CD, mp3, wma, and jpg.The available media and ports are CD, DVD, USB 2.0,
SD, microSD iPod, iPhone, or any Bluetooth-capable mobile device.

Digital Mobile TV
Can install mobile digital TV receiver box , while driving while watching digital TV programs;
using the most advanced digital TV decoder chip, the car speeds up to 120 km / could be clearly
watch digital TV programs ;digital TV network has covered more than 320 prefecture-level city,
receive convenient.

Steering Wheel Control

Because of the Pino intelligent navigation system's plug & play nature, and the original fit feature.
which is both aboutdesign and technology - makes the unit compatible with your car's CAN-bus
system.What does this mean?All of the steering wheel control buttons and knobs work perfectly after
the installation of your Pino intelligent navigation system. You can us them to control all the fac-
tory functions plus it lets you handle the functions of the Pino intelligent navigation system's
functions as well.Compatibility above all.(If your car doesn't have steering control buttons, the
function can't be realized)

CD Changer

The Pino intelligent navigation system unit has been designed to retain the factory functions of your
car includingthe CD Changer(CDC) in the rear of your car. You can access the controls of the CDC
via the Pino intelligent navigation system's own interface using the touch screen.

A perfect match for the CAN system(depends on your car)
CANBUS System is the abbreviated name for Controller Area Network. CANBus wiring was originally
designed to link electrical control systems together to form a network of information around the
vehicle.CAN Bus is replacing the conventional wiring as it is less bulky and offers manufacturers
a cost saving on running copper wire throughout a vehicle,it allows microcontrollers and devices to
communicate with each other within your car.It enable you to steering wheel control etc. functions
still working Functions Such as:
2)Illumination function
3)Reverse Signal
4)Park Brake function
5)Speed information
6)Control of open / close the door
7)Steering wheel control of car stereo
8)Display of the original dashboard information( The information of DVD Navigation system) and
operation of steering wheel menu.
9)Original Audible Alarm
10)Original stereo information
11)Amplifier control of original stereo system
12)Original air conditioner information display
13)Keep the original rear zone audio control
14)Set up the information of car etc.
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