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Hi everybody, :)

Thought I would post the progress of my 2.5-16 complete restoration. I acquired the car back in 1992 when the car was about 3 years old. So it holds a lot of special memories for me. I remember at the time there was nothing quite like it on the road and I recall test driving an E30 M3 and liking the Merc better!

Sadly over the years, not having enough time, it fell into a pretty bad state of disrepair. Coupled with some untasteful modifications (window tints, bigger wheels etc) it was looking a bit sorry.

I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do...Should I sell it as is, buy another, or restore it. After much thought I decided to restore the car – nut and bolt. The story starts back in March 2008.

Here is the car as it looked in 1993, this picture was scanned so apologies for the poor quality.

I was going to pretty much do a full restoration of the car but also add some things that I had always wanted.

The restoration build includes:

Complete strip down of vehicle, including windows, doors, seals, bonnet, boot, engine out, interior out, headlining, fuel tank etc...
Complete body rectification, including rust removal and treatment, and welding if necessary
Complete respray using only Glasurit paint and lacquer, including engine bay, door shuts etc
Body kit to be finished in original matte
New clips for sacco panels
Rebuilding Mercedes Benz long engine 2.5-16 and re-finishing
Rebuilding Getrag 5-Speed gearbox
Fitting new leather interior with heated seats and electric seats
Fitting new carpets
Fitting new Zebrano wood gear surround
Fitting new gear lever
Fitting new volt meter, oil temp gauges
Fitting new outside temperature gauge
Fitting Air Conditioning
Fitting new head-lining
Fitting new seat belt stalks
Fitting new steering wheel (Mercedes Sportline)
Fitting new indicator stalk
Fitting all new switches (Windows, heated seats, rear light, rear de-fogger, air recirculation)
Fitting new heater dials
Fitting new ashtray
Fitting new cigarette lighter (I don’t smoke!)
Fitting new glove compartment skin
Fitting 4 new door cards
Fitting 4 new door handles
Fitting front speakers
Fitting 4 new rain sheets
Fitting 4 new window motors and regulators
Refurbishing instrument cluster (recalibrating needles)
Replacing all bulbs
Fitting 500k HID kit (Maintains road legality)
Replacing all vents
Replacing heater core
Fitting fire extinguisher with felt overlay
Fitting Mercedes oddment container
Fitting Mercedes petrol can to spare wheel well
Fitting Mercedes cassette holder to centre console
Fitting Becker head unit with satellite navigation
Fitting Becker remote kit
Fitting amplifier and crossovers in rear boot (nothing garish)
Fitting new Hirschmann aerial
Fitting new boot liners
Fitting new boot carpet
Fitting new windscreen
Fitting new rear screen
Fitting new windows
Fitting new seals all round
Re-anodizing roof rails, rear window surrounds, front window strip, and side windowstrips
Evolution II wheels with 4 new Dunlop tyres (or equivalent)
Fitting new Mercedes Grille and surround
New Mercedes star
New front lights
New side blinkers
New rear lights
Complete engine bay restoration including new bonnet pad insulation, new rear firewall, new side firewall, new coolant reservoir, new washer reservoir, new hydraulic fluid reservoir, new hoses for cooling system, all new Mercedes jubilee clips, new alternator, new water pump, new heater core pipes, new fuel injection lines, new hoses for fuel injection system, new fuel distributor, new air flow sensor, new fuel pressure regulator, new EHA valve, new idle air control valve, new cold start valve.
Fitting of O2 sensor to non cat vehicle to enable automatic fuel/air mixture calibration
Fitting of new down pipes and centre section
Fitting of new brake lines
Fitting of new hydraulic lines
Fitting of new fuel lines
New brake discs
New brake pads
New tie rods
New steering drag link
New front and rear bushes
Sub frame restoration
Multi link suspension restoration
Cavities all protected with 3M cavity wax
New number plates

I’m sure I have left a few things out and I will add these as I go along. The car will be featured in Mercedes Enthusiast at some point after the work has been carried out.

Anyway back to the story! After I had decided to carry out a full restoration I began on trying to find who was capable to undertake such a mammoth task. Sadly it became apparent that no one person could carry out the body work and mechanical restoration. I would have to get several things done at several different places. I did not like the idea of this because I did not want the vehicle being pushed from pillar to post.

So my journey took me to a company in Germany who have been carrying out complete restorations on Mercedes old timers and young timers. The restoration would not take a few months I was told...But it would take about a year or so! That’s not that bad considering some restorations can take years – as this great forum shows...

So let’s start with the pictures...

This set of pictures shows the state the car was in...NOT PRETTY AT ALL!

The car in the UK


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So as you can see the rust has definitely taken its toll. All the jacking points were rusted. It was in pretty bad shape.
The following pictures are of the car freshly painted with Glasurit paint and laquer. All the rust was sorted out and the body shell perfectly restored...


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We still have a long way to go and the interior needs to be sorted out along with the car underside and engine needs to be put back in after the rebuild. But as soon as i get updates i shall update this thread...
These are the wheels that will be going on the car...

More updates soon and i hope you enjoy the progress as much as i am :)

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I read and re-read your thread lomtevas with great Interest :)

A fantastic effort by you and all Involved to restore the 2.3-16 :D

Hope mine turns out as half as good as your's did!

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Flashbacks to my 2008 restoration of my 2.3-16!
I'm sure everyone thinks of you when a 16v restoration is being done. I did! I can't wait to see the results of this project. Great to see all the dedication people put into the cars they cherish.

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Lomtevas, i was wondering if you could kindly give me the part number for the sticker circled in the picture below. Hope you don't mind me using your picture.
Many thanks


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All of my restorations were coolly calculated operations on vehicles that were targets of opportunity lavishly restored and handed over to family and friends.

I'll find photos of a 1966 250S I restored back in 1990: no margaritas, just fresh new parts and careful and detailed work.

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In that case Peter, I think you missed out on much of the joy of restoring a car.
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