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Mercedes aftermarket harness

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I bought this harness to install a Pioneer DEH-P7700MP. It is a straight plug in, no cutting, it made the stock speakers sound a lot better.
Pioneer DEH-P7700MP.
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I don't know that much about quality on car audios, but isn't that kinda strange? I mean isn't it the ampifier that has the most impact on the speakers and not the player? Just wondering.
No, it is not strange that replacing the head unit made the system sound better. Every piece of the sound system contributes to its overall quality. Every piece in the chain contributes to the overall distortation relayed to the speakers and an amplifier is going to amplify the signal it receives. If you are sending a crappy, distorted signal to the amp that is what you will get out of your speakers. By replacing the headunit you have replaced one of the weaker links in the chain.
OK. I just think my system sounds really good from the factory. I have the BOSE system. I wouldn't say no to a more modern look though. I only have the casette-player with CD-changer.
I'd like to know what is so different about this guys MB plug versus a VW plug. Both being German, I wouldn't be surprised if the connector came from the same company. The key/alarm on my 32 is identical to the ones that came with the higher end VWs.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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