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Hi all

I have a Mercedes A150 2007 Reg

I have just purchase a Mercedes Bluetooth adaptor and plugged it into the uhi cradle by the hand brake and I’m not getting any power / no light coming onto the Bluetooth adaptor, I have check the Bluetooth adaptor on another car and it’s working great I checked all fuses under the Matt on the drivers side and all looks good so really stuck on what todo next, I was looking for the main control box for the uhi but can’t find it anywhere ( checked under all seats boot) I have also rang Mercedes to check if my car is ok to except the Bluetooth adaptor and they told me my car has all the bits for a telephone / Bluetooth adaptor, was thinking it could be a fault on the uhi adaptor but Mercedeshas said this is very rare

has anyone got a electrical layout of the telephone system for this car or can help me locate the telephone control box

many thanks
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