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hello my name is Faisal and we are fabricating a turbo kit for this car and we need to make sure what type of injector this has ?
EV1 ? EV2 ?
compatible type ?
so we can purchase the correct injectors that way we dont have to machine the rails and the intake manifold to fit the new fuel injectors....

we are aiming to us high resistance fuel injectors with flow capacity of around 700cc so we can sit this beast into motion....

current parts :
1 - standalone ECU + wiring harness
2 - lower compression pistons
3 - intercooler (mishimoto gold core) + plumings + silicon goodies + gated twin turbos from Volvo + HKS blowoff valve
4 - scavenging pump
5 - TIG welding & bending equipments
6 - capable fuel pump

what type of injectors that can be used for such task without the need to modify the fuel rail and intake manifold ?

and thank you.....
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