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Hi, just new to this forum,
I have recently been given a mercedes sec 420 from my mate for free as he was just going to scrap it and I said I would have a bash at getting it running again and try to get it looking abit nicer. The story goes it was lying on his farm for 5 years and he never hardly touched it as he had far too many projects on the go at once, so I came along, spotted it and seen the potential, however trying to get it going has got me pretty stumped at the moment. So far I have cleaned out the bores with penetrating fluid, turned it over by hand and got it going freely. I then replaced the spark plugs and gave it an oil change, because I was told a while back the guy had been pouring petrol and all sorts of fluids into it to get it started. It also has a new oil filter and starter motor. I can now start it and it runs fine for about 5-10 seconds, but then it cuts out immediately and sometimes stutters and coughs for a couple of seconds then cuts out. Any ideas as to why it might not be running?

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Welcome to Benzworld. Please complete your profile as this will help members give you the most accurate answer to your questions. Location is also important when we need to help you find parts etc.

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Main things to look at are the fuel pump and the EZL (ignition control unit) if fitted.

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