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1989 W124 260E
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Hi not very often that i post but i need an answer to this question if its possible .

The motor on question is Mercedes W124 with 300e engine .I am interested in purchasing this car .
Back in 1996 the head was removed by original owner, for a none start problem . .And as far as i can find out ,, the head up till now was never locked down to it torque setting after it was run in . So now the seller tells me its leaking coolant . . I think its from the gasket due to it not being locked down after rebuild. The car will come cheap to me if i want it .. Question is do any of you W124 owners actually used the K seal treatment ? and have been happy with the output in the end .. I only need the car for spare parts but if i can get a little use out of it first i will be more than pleased . Thank you for looking in .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts