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so im about to buy this spoiler or rear lip as some people say from ebay: Painted Mercedes-Benz C-class W203 boot lip spoiler - ( item 330316362949 end time 21-Apr-09 02:05:20 EDT).

the good thing is that they paint it for you to any colour. I forgot what colour code they had on the 2005 mercedes models as i remember that they changed the paint for silver to be a little brighter on 06 models. my paint is normal brillant silver not any gunmetal silver just regular silver paint. i want to know the colour code or number what ever its called like 784 or something...i live in vancouver and the guys at van mb parts are assholes so im reaching out to u guys

it would be great to find out the number and if someone could give me some feedback on the item:)
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ahem....its says right int he instructions on that page, yo!
BTW for that price why not go with C55 lip?
i think its a rip off for M3 style lip for $100? i think if you search around you can find them much cheaper... just a suggestion
i hate to be this cruel..but what you posted is the little quarter inch thick M3 type of a lip.
What Black04C240 and everyone else is talking about is the C55 AMG spoiler...
You have two choices one that Blacky mentions...other buy an unpainted one and have it painted for <$50...
See the pics for both products...they deff dont look the same
most deff....there is no need to waste your money on the small one, unless you absolutely like the look...but imo it does nothing to the benzo!

Good luck!
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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