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Meray... graon

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SO... I drop off my car at Meray Motors in Oakville, ON to have the door seal and sqeaky seat fixed.<br><br>
Just before 5pm they call me and say 'it's a lot of work and it is not realistic to get it back to you today'. It appears they had ignored all my emails (telling them about this, preparing thyem for the work, etc). They do not even have all the parts in stock. NOw they are going to call me back again to say when I can have a replacement car. Like they haven't had all day to think about this.<br><br>
So much for that idea, 'good service'. Now the few days I spend at home between travels I do not even get my own car to drive.<br><br>
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Hey, Michael, I am very agree what they call the 'good service' in the GTA M-B dealer. My dad have a S420 and we go to the Thornhill Dearler, and we have the same experience as you did. I don't know what happen with their service, and everytime we book the serive for checkup, we have to call them two to three weeks ago. <br> <br> I think the M-B service should keep up with the Lexus!!<br> <br> By the way, do you know anyone have a W203 and love their car and want to get together and sharing experiences.<br> <br> Thank You.
Customer must be stupid...

And now on day 2 I still will not have my car. Now Meray have decided it needs a new seat assembly. And they did not have it in stock.<br> <br> That is fine, but I told them that in email weeks ago already! They have been ignoring my emails totally: the customer must be stupid. <br> <br> So now THREE days without my car because of a bit of wind noise and a squeeky seat. Can you believe this???<br> <br> Michael<br> <br> <br> <br>
Next time bring the car to service while you are on the road so you can drive the car the few days you are here.
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