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Mental sprintshift start do with shutting the door!!!

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I have a sprinter with the auto/manual gearbox, knonw as the sprintshift.

Ocassionaly if I dont park up in neutral, I cant start it again the gearbox wont shift it to N so wont start.

Now on the odd ocasion if I open the drivers door, when I close it again I can hear a sound that (best describes) like a small cordless drill somewhere underneath. When this happens I can start the van again. The other day I spent the best part of 2 hours opening and shutting the door and swearing a lot. (Much to the amusement of a neighbour).

Anyone any idea how to overcome this without looking like a mental patient.

Answers saying "make sure you allways park in neutral" will be unhelpfull.
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mmmm sprintshifts..... i have a contract with tescos and sainsburys to repair their merc sprinters, ther are many many many fault codes thrown up when small devices fail, the doors have a lock sensor on them, check the door hinge for a rubber boot, pull that back and check for breaks, if you can get a scan and a fault code go to my user name and contact me, there i can process fault codes with my MB star under simulation mode.
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