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The MIA missing members with sign in issues can directly email all red admins at [email protected] and will reach RedLiner aka James, 420 SE aka Ross, Digmenow aka Tom, or Teutone = Horst.

Required information is exact writing & spelling of original username incl lower & upper case letters: ____________
emailaddress to be used:____________ (if original registration email is now defunct, we replace with current)
Pick a different & halfway safe password:___________ (once the dust settles, you can change it again by clicking 'User CP' on top toolbar)
Reset Password: use same process.

To make sure you are who you say you are, the email address you originally registered with (defunct or not)..................... used for identification only.

Note: The site recognizes only one single registration email address for one member / username.
Some members had issues to re register with an interim username, because using the same registration email used on the first original username does not work.
A different email will.
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This forum has the worst username/password situation of any I have encountered. Christ! I can access my brokerage accounts easier than this mess.
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Thank you for getting me back in.
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