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The MIA missing members with sign in issues can directly email all red admins at [email protected] and will reach RedLiner aka James, 420 SE aka Ross, Digmenow aka Tom, or Teutone = Horst.

Required information is exact writing & spelling of original username incl lower & upper case letters: ____________
emailaddress to be used:____________ (if original registration email is now defunct, we replace with current)
Pick a different & halfway safe password:___________ (once the dust settles, you can change it again by clicking 'User CP' on top toolbar)
Reset Password: use same process.

To make sure you are who you say you are, the email address you originally registered with (defunct or not)..................... used for identification only.

Note: The site recognizes only one single registration email address for one member / username.
Some members had issues to re register with an interim username, because using the same registration email used on the first original username does not work.
A different email will.
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Here's a tip for anyone still trying to get their logon back. Use the 'forgot password' feature to send yourself a password reset. But first, make sure your email spam blocker is not deleting everything it marks as spam. The email that is sent when you use the forgot password will likely be interpreted as spam by your spam blocker, and if the message is automatically deleted, it will appear to you that it was never sent. That is what happened to me. Once I realized it, I configured my email account to mark, but not delete, spam messages. Then I was able to receive the message and use it to reset my access.
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