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K&S in Baltimore - 2525 Falls Rd are wonderful. I have been going to them since 1988 - they are quick, thorough, honest, and (comparatively) inexpensive. I moved to Dallas in 2006 and still call them if I have a vexing question or need advice (410.235.6660). Have always done most of my own work and they always take time to advise. That's why they get (got) the work I don't have the tools/facilities to do. Amir is the owner. Ken Williams is the customer service manager and a funny, great dude (ex-Vietnam Marine and more full of sh#t than a Christmas Turkey). As an independent shop, most of the mechs/techs have been there over 10 years - speaks volumes for Amir's fairness to employees and customers alike
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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