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I'm having some issues with the ViseeO MBU-1000 in my Mercedes C Class '02.

I've followed the instructions in the manual, it says that my contacts should automatically sync via the ViseeO unit into the cars address book, however this does not happen. The green sync light flashes for around 30 seconds then goes to a solid green colour. When I press the address book button the steering wheel it says 'No info'. If I put my old phone directly into the car phone slot, it picks up the address book straight away.

I tried using the OPP function to manually send the contacts through (I could only find how to send business cards) and the ViseeO device seems to accept the business cards as it should, but then upon reboot it still tells me that there's 'No info'. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before?

I've done quite a bit of searching on Google but nobody else seems to have the same issue as me?

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