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For those of you here that own w140s or plan to buy a w140, you HAVE TO SEE the Peacemaker starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney. The silver bullet proof w140 S-Class that appears in this movie says it all! Because this car has always been a tank, it is finally used as a tank, smashing and knocking over those pathetic little BMWs like dice!! HA HA HA I love it! George Clooney takes full advantage of the S-Class to beat the the bad guys, while Nicole Kidman hangs on to the ride of her life! It is the undisputed #1 movie moment for the w140.

My 3 favourite cars from the 90's were Mercedes W140, Audi A8, and BMW E38.

I like w140 the best, that's why I've chosen this car. But i have a box with 3 dvds in it on my shelf and these are the movies that i can reach the fastest whenever needed to make a visible test among the 3 cars, and these 3 dvds are:
Peacemaker (W140)
Ronin (Audi A8)
James Bond: Tomorrow never dies (BMW E38)

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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