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mbrace to mbrace 2 upgrade in 2010 W204? Also, OBD II modules...

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So, I just purchased my 2010 C300 4matic with Multi-Media, AMG(wheels), Pano-roof, and P2 packages.

Being a 2010, it has the original mbrace installed, but out of pure curiosity, can I upgrade to mbrace 2? From a technical stand-point, are the differences between mbrace and mbrace 2 all software, or are there some hardware changes/additions as well? The mbrace 2 feature I care about the most is the remote diagnostics capabilities....I don't care for the mbrace 2 apps, as I have my iPhone mounted in my car for all app needs.

....Which leads me to my next question. I'd like to buy an OBD II module that interfaces with an OBD II app on my iPhone (via bluetooth or wifi). This is more for the technical nerd in me who likes/wants to look at technical automotive system output for the heck of it. What do you guys recommend?


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