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Hello all :) This is my new daily driver, an E280T with 315k km's on it.
It's 197PS and 270NM and has the 5 speed auto, no AC, sunroof, tow hitch, 17" "AMG" wheels in the summer and i've got two sets of winter wheels for it.
This is one of the very first cars with the "facelift" look.

i had the black -92 230E Sportline for a year but i thought it lacked performance for the sportline chassis. An apprentice at my work needed a cheap car so he now drives the 230.
I could not seem to find the merc i wanted on the web, most mercs here have done high mileages, and i ended up with a -93 BMW 525TDSA Touring with 230k km's on it.
But the Beemer was missing a tow hitch and you can't change the transmission fluid in those models without doing an expensive flush.
So i put an ad out for sale or possible trade and after an even trade i ended up with this one :)

I've so far serviced it with:
-Engine oil and filter change, now running 5W50 synthetic
-Oil and filter in the tranny, now running ATF DX3 semi synthetic.
-Spark plugs
-Air filter
-Steering links, left, right and center and new idler arm bolt and bushings
-New sportline shocks up front
Bad stuff:
the engine harness is in bad shape, will probably need replacement.
Can i order the E320 harness and use it in this one? i guess only engine displacement is the difference between 280/320 models? anyone? :)
and the SRS is allso a real PITA..

Than you for comments and answers
regards Arne J.


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Hi all :)
Now i've driven this car for a few months, about 6000 km's and it's been as trouble free as you can expect.
The SRS warning light came on many times and i tried to ceck and find the problem.
I cleaned the wheel speed sensors in the front, that made things work alot better.
But when engine was cold, the light came on when i let up the throttle..
Checked all electrical connectors, checked voltages around the SRS and ABS system and didn't find anything wrong.
Finnaly i found that the throttle flap was to slow at closing when i let up the gas pedal, so i just lubed up all throttle linkages and the flap and around the electronic throttle positioner, and then it was all OK :)
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