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Plenty of details got for winches
i am however going tomorrow to look at tyres
Up to 800mm wide at 45 ratio on 26.5" rims available locally:D
Or should I settle for something smaller?
I can always cut trees down to get room, no limits otherwise
I will cut the stumps very low, in pure peat so the chain will stick it, no grit.
but any of youn'sz have any thoughts vis-a-vis wide tyres / low pressures / stumps potential damage etc.
I gather the chains I see on some forestry machinery are more for traction ( on frozen ground ) than protection as for compared to quarry usuage

Bloody hell, anyone know the price of condoms,
cos rubber has got F-----g expensive,
Ok these are oversized tyres but second hand
28" wide on 26" rims £1000.00 EACH
Da brothers were right.:surrender:
I shoulda maybe bought one on good rubber, none suitable about though
Marry in haste repent at leisure
Plus I run outta diesel, got a jar in the back though
75 miles on between 18 & 20 litres
= 17 to 19 mpg and its a F-----g SLOW DIESEL

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