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MB SUVs are "o.k., not number one"

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The International Herald Tribune did a story on MB quality, with a small reference to the MB Sport Utility Vehicles.

Interesting article on a particularly good difference of opinion from MB's customers vs MB top company officials. The following is in reference to the M-class and the upcoming G-class.

"There is what you call a quality issue out there. Everybody knows it," he [Cordes - new Cheif Executive] said. "I would be lying if I say everything is wonderful." But he added, "What currently comes out of our factory is O.K."

Not surprisingly, other MB officials are dissatisfied with their product being "O.K."
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I'm not sure MB will be able to afford the engineers, even if it means cutting the white collar jobs. But yes, I do agree with you Ewalberg.
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