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MB SUVs are "o.k., not number one"

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The International Herald Tribune did a story on MB quality, with a small reference to the MB Sport Utility Vehicles.

Interesting article on a particularly good difference of opinion from MB's customers vs MB top company officials. The following is in reference to the M-class and the upcoming G-class.

"There is what you call a quality issue out there. Everybody knows it," he [Cordes - new Cheif Executive] said. "I would be lying if I say everything is wonderful." But he added, "What currently comes out of our factory is O.K."

Not surprisingly, other MB officials are dissatisfied with their product being "O.K."
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and the guy that's the new pres of benz is most known for his cost cutting skills from the dodge truck line-up. Fantastic. Although to his credit he said there are too many white collar jobs... hopefully that means they'll fire some of the moron marketers and get some engineers back on the task.
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