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MB Sl55 AMG Error code AC B1256 , B1269

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If the codes keep comming up, what do i need to replace? my workshop has erase the codes but they come back the next day.

Can anyone tell me how to reset AC via the buttons on the ac panel, i have seen some videos on youtube how to reset ac for the w220. but its not the same.


thank you

Best regards
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Welcome to the forum! Please update your forum user's profile to include you car's year and exact model, and your location. This will get you better help.

B1256 is a "malfunction in the refrigerant circuit". SDS says to check the refrigerant pressures and to check the evaporator temperature sensor and the refrigerant temp/pressure sensor.

B1269 is a a communication problem with the multi-function sensor. That sensor is located on the cabin intake, under the hood, passenger side.

Note that either of these can also be caused be a bad ACC module.
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