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Hi All.

When I bought my S500 last year, i subscribed to the AT&T service for the phone which came with the car.

I must tell you, i have NEVER been happy with the phone service. My calls are dropped ALL THE TIME and the static and interference makes the calls impossible to hear.

Actions taken:
ASked MB for help - they said it is the service provider

Asked AT&T for help and they said it was a combo of MB problems and the actualy Motorola Timeport Phone

Asked Motorola, they said the phone is fine, it is the service provider or the car antenna.

Now, for over a year, I have not had ANY help with this and if i cancel my AT&T service, they will make me pay the $200 termination fee.

I am considering a class action law suit against the named parties. Do any of you have the same problems with your phone as I do?
Do you have any solutions?
I live in NYC.

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