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I am very new to the MB scene, so please be easy on me.. :)

I am getting a new car soon (just payed off my Volkswagen GTI) and I was goign to get an Subaru Impreza WRX, but the other day I went and took a drive in a 02' C230 Sport Coupe (the hatch back). I was very impressed by teh ride and am considreing getting one, I just have some questions.

1) Whats the difference between the standard C230 and C230 Kompressor? I ask because the dealer I went to Had both versions but the Kompressor was 3,000 more and had less HP (the standard has 192HP versus the Kompressor with 178HP), Smaller engine (the standard had a 2.3L and the Kompressor had a 1.8). I thought the Kompressor was supercharged but both Window Stickers said 4Cy Supercharged.

2) Is the C230 Sport Coupe a good car? I mean will I be disapointed in it? I cant seem to find to much information on the Hatch Back version of the C230..

3) also where would be some good sites to get information on teh C230 Sport Coupe.

Thank you,

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