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MB E320 2002 AC Blows warm air from Drivers Side

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I have a 2002 E320 and it has 10,755 miles on the odometer. I don't drive the car too often. I decided to drive the car today and turned the air-conditioning on and put in on automatic climate control. Just noticed that the air is blowing out cold from the passenger side vents but blowing out warn from Driver’s side vents. I even tried the Manuel mode instead of climate control. Any one knows about this solution or problem. I purchased the car brand new in December 2002 and also purchased a full 8 years extended warranty. But now all the warranties are expired and the vehicle has only 10, 755 miles and still smells and looks like a brand new automobile. The battery is still the original and gives no problem.

Any suggestions why it is blowing warm air from Drivers side vents when the air is on and the temperature set and 65 F


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When the air blows hot, your whole system is shot. To fix it, you will be ripped off and charged a lot. (it rhymes)

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