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MB E320 2002 AC Blows warm air from Drivers Side

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I have a 2002 E320 and it has 10,755 miles on the odometer. I don't drive the car too often. I decided to drive the car today and turned the air-conditioning on and put in on automatic climate control. Just noticed that the air is blowing out cold from the passenger side vents but blowing out warn from Driver’s side vents. I even tried the Manuel mode instead of climate control. Any one knows about this solution or problem. I purchased the car brand new in December 2002 and also purchased a full 8 years extended warranty. But now all the warranties are expired and the vehicle has only 10, 755 miles and still smells and looks like a brand new automobile. The battery is still the original and gives no problem.

Any suggestions why it is blowing warm air from Drivers side vents when the air is on and the temperature set and 65 F


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The duo valve issue is way over blown on this forum - the most common issue is a proper evac/test/refill which can be done at ANY general auto shop that has the computerized air con evac/fill machine and dealer price for the service is WAY excessive - my area general evac/fill is like $70-$80, and dealers charge north of $200 for same basic air con service.

They evac the system - hold at vacuum for leak test - if all holds at vacuum they refill with 100% fresh R134 by measured weight. zThe machine does the work after they hook up low and high side hoses - it's slick !

All to the good !
Please understand that any competant shop that has the "machine" can do the job - there are two hose hook ups - your front hook up is inder a small panel to the right of the radiator - the other is easily found top side.

They code in the machine to the make/year/model - then the machine does the the work.

Dye is NOT needed unless the evac test shows a leak. A dye test, if needed will be like another $40 - I would say 95% of the evac's will be 100% OK - only 5% will have any major leak - which owner's report as a sudden failure of the system since a major leak all the refrigerant blows out fast.

R134 is a smaller molecule than the "old" R12 used in earlier series - so over time it is expected to leak out thru gaskets and such - remember we have 10-13 yr old cars !

I would check your local hard copy Yellow Pages - and many of the "jiffy" oil/auto work pieces have the machine - what the machine extracts goes into one storage cylinder which when full gets sent back to the supplier for proper recycling - what gets filled is all 100% clean R134.
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The OP has a great car... after the aircon gets evac'd and recharged..

If you ever get to a retail auto parts store - or a Walmart - buy a bottle of Stabil Ethanol Marine formula fuel treatment - and dose the tank before your next fillup per the intructions on the bottle. That $9 bottle will be approximately 2 does.

The Stabil helps a lot of things with regard to your fuel system, including preventing corrosion issues with the fuel tanks sensor - I use it on all my cars including my own low milers in my stable (pun).

Per the diagnostic info battery seesm to be holding steady as well.

Since it has been 10 years - the original MB coolant is losing its anti-corrosive properties - and it would be prudent for long term care to have the coolant changes to MB-Coolant/Xerex G-05 and ONLY use distilled water if you need add water to the mix.

The engine interior components are a real electrolisis waiting to happen caused by dissimilar metals. Fresh coolant will keep nasty things from happening.

If you do ever lose battery power after long periods of non-use - please be familair with the reset procedures in the owner's manual including having your radio code handy. Lost power, and not properly resetting the access systems when you get power back - also leads to more costly things.

Great car - keep the beat !
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Surprised the MB dealer/tech didn't mention fresh coolant - your dealer isn't really a great resource for proper preventative/future-issue-avoiding maintenance for low annual mileage MB's..
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