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Maybe time to take 1994 SL600 to the Stealer

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Took a break and now am going to start back on my SL600, either that or shoot it and put it out of her misery. It is still not running right, cuts out about 90mph and will not rev up over 4500rpm no power and shifts hard. Took it to acouple of indys who are suppose to be sharp with no real answers. The following is what has been done so far.
1-The injector harness is good( was replaced in 06)
2- Throttle bodies were rewired by Victor in NY
3-Rewired mass air flow sensors back to good wire
4-Removed injectors and cleaned them (they are working good)
5-New plugs
6-New fuel pump regulator
7-New fuel pumps and filter
8-New battery
9-New ignition module
The one indy had told me it was fuel pressure( that was why the pump,filter and regulator). Another said it was electrical. I have checked the injectors and I am getting voltage to the injectors and spark from the plugs. Neither one acted like the wanted any thing to do with the 600. If it is electrical after what I have done where do I start. Thank you in advance
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so started this morning. Took the advise and had my wife rev it up and watched the trottle bodies. The one on the left (passangerside) is not opening up unless done manually. Is this operated by the mass air flow sensor as to my knowledge that is the only electrical going to it.
please send me your info on the ASR switch. thanks
here is a shot in the dark but....the original hydralic suspension has been dismattled and I just have shocks.Is it possible that some of the sensors were not removed and they are sending bad signals to what ever and causing the problem? Like I said just a shot in the dark.
ok so I tested it this morning and with the pedal about half down I got 999 resistance. Now that is with it unpluged by the side of the councle. So is that telling me it's good or bad? I know it drives no different plugged in or unplugged
I had the TAs done by Victor in NYC and I cut the sheath yesterday and the wires to the fender connection is good. I did a scan this morning andsocket

#4 read CAN data: Electronic accelerator control module- no date transmission

When I did the Base Module there was several flashes for voltage inturruted but that was most likely from when the injectors were removed for cleaning
After talking to no less than 4 well qualified Mercedes indys I can to one conclusiuon. That is that my desire nor my pockets were deep enough to continue to try and fix my 600 so I sold it.The negatives just far out weighed the possitive. When and if the wiring got fixed, the suspension needed to be completly redone and after the the hydrolics would have to be completly replaced. And since I had no emotional attacments and really don't think it will ever really increase in value I desided to cut the cord. I want to thank all of you for all your help
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