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Just passing this along...
We should try to get a nice MB show up!

U of Maryland Carshow, May 3rd. Over 400+ expected with Portable Dyno
Ppl who came last year how big this thing can get. We had well over 400 cars on a cloudy day. This year's event is offical and will have security present to prevent ignorance. As always, this meet is free to all. Also visit our site to sign on for the portable DYNO! $50 for 2 runs for those that pre-register.

Terrapin Motorsports!
Auto enthusiast club of teh University of Maryland, College Park
in conjunction with ASME
College Park Car Meet II
Saturday, May 3rd
1 PM through late afternoon! (5pm)
Lot 4b, University of Maryland
Come on your own or in groups of cars – we will be lining up by club or car type
Come early to line up with similar cars, or to reserve a prime spot for your ride to be seen! The action all starts early!
This event will blow teh doors off of last Fall's event, which saw more than 400 cars come togetehr from local and national clubs!
Come see all teh hot Import, European, and Domestic cars! There will be exotics, race cars, vendors, and more! Clubs in attendance include:
DTM, MDPC, Vortex,, AudiWorld, Capital DSM, SVTOA, NLC, EFA, WDCR-SCCA, NASIOC, REENLIST, ICLUB and a dozen more!
Drag race? Show? Street? Autocross? Road racing? Low rider? Nitrous? Twin turbo?
We'll have it all!
The event is fully official, the lots will be open to as many cars as we have.
That's right, folks, we're confirmed for a blast of a day!
Even the weather will be beautiful, so be sure to bring your detailing spray.

Come prepared to make things hot in the month of May!
Terrapin Motorsports welcomes Auto Reflections, who will offer a beautiful display of custom die-cast cars
DONT Forget to visit our webpage:
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