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Maximum MP3s on Compact flash?

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I drive a 2007 S350, European model. I am planning on getting a Compact flash card in order to use with the PCM slot, as the local dealer still does not offer ipod integration kit. Anyway, I was just wondering what is the maximum MP3s you can put on the CF card, so the S class could read them all and play? Because I saw a couple of times on the internet, people saying it is up to 1500 songs? I just want to know so that I can decide what size card to buy, as if there is the restriction, I won't be needing the 16 or 32 gb cards. :(
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Yeah, I also think this is the largest it gets. But the question is whether or not the S class computer would be able to read all the songs if they are like 4000. Because in the past I had BMW E90 320i, and the iDrive could play mp3s from a DVD, but it would only play the first 250 songs on the CD, and the others do not appear anywhere.
According to the manual (you can read the Euro manual on-line if you want to get familiar with a car before the delivery) MB supports 255 folders per disk. Each folder may have 255 sub-folders, at maximum 8 levels. The total number of titles per disk is limited to 4000 (there can be more but the system only reads the 8 first folder levels and the first 4000 titles).

The manual is not clear on the PCMCIA interface, I'm not sure if the above applies there too.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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