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Massage Seat on the GL

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Does anyone know if the Gl's come with both front row seats with the massage function or just the driver side seat? trying to justify paying $1200 for it.
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Oh, I guess another question - package 399 multi-contour seats yes are both front seats - the same/both seats for MB feature.

If you were actually deep into details on this feature - the question you would be asking is "what are comfort headrests" ?
It's not a question of "hearing" about a feature - it's a question of "listening"....

On the MB Build-Your-Own site for the new GL lists MultiContour for Front "Seats" - and seats is plural - plural means two or more.
I would suggest you ask a long distance trucker the prupose of "massage seats" in a vehicle seat - the "value" of this feature is entirely dependent on how much time you are planning to spend in your vehicle, and the importance of this feature to you based on the longer trips you plan to take...

Actually the Mercedes multi-contour is a very effective system in accomplishing what it's intended for as measured by similar features offered by competitors in their luxury SUV's....competitive price and now a very clear and effective control system..

Standard for GL550's, optional for GL450 and GL350, about a 30% resale recovery on this feature 4 yrs out on a $1200 investment.. which is not terribly bad recovery for what it is..
Well that was a interesting comment - "cancelled the option on my build order". If the order was changeable then canceling the option fortunately does not affect scheduled production date.

This year Vance has frozen production orders quite farther out this year - if your "build order" was changeable then your production slot for a 350BT would be 3rd decade December or January.

Good luck to you !
First - some dealers have allocated GL350BT units 2nd/3rd decade December production that are not yet "customer sold units" and are not just yet "locked down - as of yesterday those customer-unsold dealer allocated units were still "changeable" in option configuration.

If you have a reservation with a dealer for a future vehicle that has not been entered and accepted into the production system - you do not have a "order" - a "order" is a unit booked to your specification with Vance - non/orders are simply reservation with the dealer.

To the more recent question - orders cannot be changes from 350-45-550.

If you decide to change "model" the dealer would need to agree to cancel your existing request and rebook using one of his allocated "changeable orders" for that different model you want to change too.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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