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WOW.........I withdraw the question !!

Seriously, seems like the only way to have a manual W163 in the U.S. is to actually plan a trip, buy the truck overseas and see if you can successfully step through the mine field of importing it.

Kind'a reminds me of the early 80's when importing grey market cars from Germany was so popular and profitable.
I actually did buy a grey market Mercedes back in that was a 1963 W113 with the straight six cylinder. Bright red with black leather interior and dark grey carpets. Absolutely beautiful and it was a manual four speed. For those not familiar with the W113.....that was the convertible two door, fuel injected, with the pagoda top (kinda dished out from the front or rear view). Got it at a great price and ended up reselling it for a modest profit. God...I wish I still owned it....being a 1963 it was a very, very early W113 which would have been worth a fortune in today's market.

It ran great, never left me stranded on the side of the road, and was a beauty ! Factory wire wheels, with the removable hardtop, a strong six cylinder and the absolutely beautiful European headlights.....Damn , I wish I had that one back !!

Unfortunately, it had one other issue.......RUST !! That was a very common problem for the grey market in those years.
I spend 800.00 having the floorboards replaced and over a few months, several other rust issues surfaced. Reluctlantly, sold it but the buyer knew its condition and worth. Truly, a classic that will continue to appreciate.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts