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Ive used this forum a few times to help with problems Ive had on my girlfriends A140 but this time i cant find what the problem is.

Yesterday she was driving and when shifting down to enter a side street the gear stick went loose and she couldnt select any gears. She stop and called me and roadside assist so Ive had a chance to look at it. They couldnt find the problem and it has been taken to a local garage. Today is a holiday here so I cant talk to them so I thought Id ask here.

It feels like the linkage is broken but i cant see anything wrong. I think it is stuck in 3rd. When shifting the gear stick the 2 linkages on top of the gearbox seem to move ok. Trying to shift into 5th or reverse it seems like it doesnt want to move all the way across to the right. Not sure though as i dont drive the car much.

I found a loose metal pin lying just under the gear linkage but cant see where it came from. Its about 1 inch long and 5mm in diameter. Looks like a bit of flat metal that has been rolled up.

The clutch works fine and when pressed will disengage the gear it is stuck in.

I hope thats enough information for you to help.
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