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Manual and the hands-free phone kit

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I'm starting a new job this summer and I plan on getting a SLK 350 with a manual transmission. I will have to talk on the phone often while in the car. I would appreciate advice/experience on the hands-free phone option while driving a manual. Thanks.
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This is the comedy thread, right?

When using the hands free and a manual you will experience the ability to talk on the phone while you drive, its quite clever. It's just like it reads in the book it really is hands free, well almost, you do have to press a button to accept, reject and close calls.

If you are really advanced you can dial numbers too, but this should only be done with one hand, and its tricky to do this when changing gear.

The chaps at Mercedes have also put the buttons in a telephone keypad order, this helps you dial without having to more than glance at the keypad, meaning you can look where you are driving and feel your way around.

And although MB have added all these safety features, you can still change gear when on teh phone, of course that is only handsfree in an automatic.

Oh dear though, have you considard in addition to using your hands for the gear stick, you will also have to operate the clutch?

Any one got any comments on using the clutch whilst playing a CD?
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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