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Manual and the hands-free phone kit

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I'm starting a new job this summer and I plan on getting a SLK 350 with a manual transmission. I will have to talk on the phone often while in the car. I would appreciate advice/experience on the hands-free phone option while driving a manual. Thanks.
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Well if you intend to realy use the SLK - topless, you will find that without the rear screen, talking is an excercise in futility - frustration at best.
There is simply too much wind noise to compensate for when the top is down.
If however, you have the top up, I have the same type of system in my C320 and it works wonderfully. I loathe the fact that you are restricted to one brand of phone in the US so I bought my own phone and got a bluetooth wireless earpiece which goes on when I get in the car.
Hands-free, wireless and one button answer. I can also dial numbers or names using voice activation. This system worked out significantly cheaper than the MB route.

Cost of phone $299.
Cost of BT headset $79.


Cost of MB Phone ~$500
Cost of Hands free Prep ~$925

Either way, be safe when driving.
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GernBlansten - 1/26/2005 9:29 AM

Thanks for the advice.
You are quite welcome.
By the way, there are some persons who can fit the OEM Mercedes Phone Kit from Euope for you and will do it at a significant cost savings over the ordered options which will give you the freedom to choose from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens and Motorolla phones.
There is a gentleman named Steve - his screen name is MBenzNL on the "m b w o r l d .org" forums. I am sure he will be willing to entertain your questions on installing the phone kit.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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