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1993 400 SEL
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I've been experiencing battery drain problems with my 92 300SE while the vehicle is not being operated. I thought it was a short that caused the battery to drain. On occassion, I'd see red/blue lights on the center A/C vents light up and thought that it must be because of a short in the electrical system after the car is turned off.

I recently noticed that the "REST" button on my 92 300 SE's a/c control panel lights up after the ignition is turned off. This seems to fire up the defrost fans and results in a drained battery. Does anybody know what the problem is and how to solve it?

My 1993 400 sel did the same thing, could hear the blower fan running with keys in my hand and REST light was on...Dead battery ever morning with New Battery...FIXED it with this works perfect >
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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